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Your Sun Eyewear Wardrobe
The Perfect Sun Eyewear for Any Occasion

Let’s take a quick inventory of your closet. Little black dress? Check. “Skinny” jeans? Check. Black boots? Check. Most likely, there are items in your wardrobe that you save for certain occasions. The same holds true for sunglasses - one pair just doesn’t cut it in today’s fashion-savvy world! So get started on building your sunwear wardrobe with some of the staples below:

Your "Glamour" Glasses
Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just looking to add a little spice to your wardrobe, an attention-grabbing pair of sunglasses is just the thing to do the trick. Current fashion trends and celebrity styles have a heavy influence in the latest sunwear, and right now, that means big wraparounds, jewel-studded frames and colorful plastic shades with matching colored lenses.


Your "Game Day" Glasses
Headed out to the field? Anyone who participates in an active sport should invest in sunwear that is as protective as it is stylish. Important features to look for include shatter-resistant lenses and frames, flexible construction, protective lens coating (i.e. UV or anti-reflective) and tinting specific to the end use. Wraparound frames with top-notch protection and a stylish look are a big hit.


Your "Around the Town" Glasses
These are the tried and true sunglasses that get you from day to day. From the office to the mall and almost anywhere in between, neutral-colored frames and lenses in traditional shapes will have you covered. Their understated look makes this sunwear a classic that no one should be without.


Now that you’ve got your wardrobe started, take note of these tips to get the most out of your shades:

  • Always use a case. Using a hardcover case when you aren’t wearing your shades is essential to protecting your investment. With such high-fashion eyewear cases available, like mini-purses and chic bags, there’s no excuse not to accessorize with a protective case to match not only your eyewear, but your outfit, too!
  • Never clean your sunglasses with paper towels, tissue products or especially your clothes. To avoid scratching your lenses, use a professional eyeglass cleaner and cloth that is soft and lint free. There are a wide variety of cleaners and stylish decorative lens clothes available to keep your sunglasses radiant and smudge-free.
  • Avoid extreme heat. Excessive heat and cold can cause sunglasses to warp over time. If you’re going to leave your shades in the car, keep them in a case or hidden from the sun, not on the dashboard.
  • Don’t use your sunglasses as a headband. We all love to do it to give our hair that natural look, but try your hardest to keep sunglasses off of your head! Constant use as a headband runs the risk of your sunglasses losing their shape.
  • Have a professional re-adjust your sunglasses. Sunwear that does not fit properly can compromise your vision comfort and performance, especially when you’re playing outdoor sports. If you try to adjust the temples or the nosepiece yourself, they may easily break. Visit your eyecare professional to maintain proper adjustment.

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